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At Yankee Heaven we are so proud of our products, we want you to know how to look after them and make them last longer.

Take a look at our candle care hints and tips below to keep your fragranced candles looking and smelling divine until your next visit to Yankee Heaven near Rochdale.


"I purchased two things I haven't seen before. They were posted out straight away and came the day after ... I am absolutely thrilled. I know where to look in future, thank you."



  • Keep your candles away from strong light sources.  Direct sunlight could cause the colours to fade.

  • Avoid extremes of temperature, heat and cold can adversely affect the wax and the fragrance.

  • It's OK to trim the wick to remove carbon deposits but do not allow wick debris to fall into the wax pool.

  • Don't throw away your empty jars, they make great desk tidies or pretty containers for pot pourri.

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Candle care hints and tips

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If you are about to run out of your favourite fragranced candle or room spray, contact Yankee Heaven to reserve a new one for you.  We'll put it aside until you're ready to collect it from our shop in Littleborough, near Rochdale.

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